AUTO SPA EXPRESS  CARWASH began as a six-bay, coin operated, self-serve facility. It became apparent many people did not want to get out and wash their own car. In 1998, the owners recognized the need to offer a good , exterior, hand wash. The hand wash quickly gained popularity as the self serve declined in popularity. Soon many customers were complaining that the car wash did not offer a “full service” wash. They did not like having to go somewhere else to get their interiors cleaned. In 2002, the wash closed for several months during the necessary construction to convert to a full service facility.

The car wash continued to grow and it became apparent demand was outgrowing the facility. Changes were implemented in an attempt to handle the large number of customers and get the cars through in a timely manner. This continued for a few years, however due to the time required washing each car by hand; the wait in line became longer than many customers were willing to spend.

In 2009, it was decided to install a conveyorized, automated wash system. In keeping with the gentleness of the hand wash the customers had come to expect, thorough search was conducted to find automated equipment that was equally gentle to the vehicle. It was finally decided to use N/S equipment with their Lammscloth™ technology. Where most of the automated equipment relied on a nylon bristle-brush approach, the N/S equipment used the same material as our hand-wash mitts were made of. As a fully automated facility, the car wash now has the flexibility to offer an exterior-express wash and detail services.